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How to make money on Instagram (Even Without 10K Followers!)💰

🤔There is a myth that you need 10k followers to start seeing sales on Instagram.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instagram and social media are just platforms where you can reach your target audience and clients. 👍

It helps raise awareness of your brand and creates trust with your clients.

Social Media also increases your web traffic and leads, increasing your sales.

On Instagram you can add your link on IGTV, your bio, your stories and on your products.

This increases your chances of closing sales.

Imagine if you had a store.

And 10k people visit in a day, those are better chances than if not 500 people did.

But you can close a 10k month with just 2 high ticket clients, with just 500 visitors.

So the question is do you need 10k visitors a day or could you make sales with less.

I’m sure you guys know the answer 😜

💭Remember make your content relatable to your audience.

☑️Answer their main questions.

👩🏻‍🏫Entertain and educate.

And you’ll start seeing the money 💰 come in even, with a small following.

Remember be yourself and have fun 🤩






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